Letting go

W A L L S //

It’s not easy to let go of the walls. After you've grown a certain shell to protect yourself, shedding it makes you feel raw and vulnerable and liberated all at the same time.

But for far too long have you hidden yourself that you’ve lost a sense of you who are. You've buried emotions so deep that you've forgotten how to feel; held your tongue for so long your voice is starting to tremble. You don’t know if people are going to accept you when you let yourself be real; if people will pay attention to that gaping wound, listen, and attempt to understand.

But people are never going to be able to accept you fully - why should they, when they can’t even accept themselves? We’ve been conditioned to shun failure and judge imperfections. How is it reasonable to expect that society will accept every part of ourselves?

No, we should accept ourselves first. Our little imperfections, our big flaws. Our unique strengths and myriad gifts we bring to the world. Only when we let ourselves be ourselves do we also stop judging others. And when you stop judging others, you stop feeling judged, too.

Seek love, and seek bravery. Healing comes with being real, because hidden things fester. You are who you are, wondrous and special, and you’ve got so much to gift to the world.

“Let go, let in; something is waiting”

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